A Tale of Two Pizzas

pizzasLooking at this, my results aren’t so different from the nice photo in Prevention‘s August issue that inspired me.

Their Garlic Bread Pizza was more of a flatbread than a pizza (to me) on a whole wheat crust, with ricotta and pine nuts on top.  It was grilled, but I used my oven.  I had frozen 100% whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joe’s, so I used that.  I also had some nice ricotta (not part-skim I admit).

When I stretched out the dough, in a rough rectangle, it was too long for my pizza stone, so I put half on the stone and the other half on a perforated metal pizza pan I’ve had for years.  Before baking, you brush the bread with garlicky olive oil.  The piece on the left (with the bite out of it), is from the metal pan; I was surprised to see it got much darker than the piece on the stone.  Ricotta doesn’t really melt, so it looks like it is just plopped on there, but it was baked.

After removing the pizzas from the oven, I sprinkled on the toasted pine nuts, parsley, and a drizzle of olive oil.  I enjoyed this, but found the whole wheat crust was too heavy, with an unpleasant cardboard texture.  It may be from having been stored in the freezer, but I do prefer a lighter texture crust, one with some white flour mixed in. Prevention did have a crust recipe with a 50-50 mix, and I’d guess that’s just about right.  When I do make pizza crust, I favor a recipe in The Greens Cookbook, with white flour, plus a little whole wheat and a bit of rye too – best crust ever!

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