Crazy For Lamb

lamb with za-atarI’ve been on a lamb and Greek food bender lately, partly fueled by a couple of visits to Taverna Ouzo in Monroe.

First we have sliced lamb cutlets (from the shoulder I think) that I found at McCaffrey’s. I dusted them with za’atar and grilled them in my ridged grill pan on the stovetop, being sure they were still pink in the middle.  On the side I have some steamed greenbeans (I also tossed them in the pan I had cooked the lamb in before transfering to plate), and that quinoa with diced zucchini and sweet potato from Trader Joe’s I like so much. Note the lemon for squeezing over the lamb; we don’t do that much in this country, but I like a squeeze of lemon with rich grilled meats, not just fish.

Lamb stew

Next we have a lamb stew with fingerling potatoes. I found the the lamb at Whole Foods, locally raised I believe, and it made a tasty stew.  I threw it together with what I had on hand, riffing off a recipe (for lamb shanks really) from  Red wine, a little Glace d’Agneau I had in the cupboard, a squirt of tomato paste from a tube and a squirt of anchovy paste, too.  It turned out surprisingly well, considering all the subsitutions I made.

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