Zucchini with Mint

zucchini with mintThis is based on the recipe for zucchini with mint in my July 29 In The Kitchen Column for the Packet.

It is so simple, yet so very, very good, so I wanted to share a photo from the last batch I made, using yellow squash instead of green.

I don’t know how long the column will be available for free online, but here is a link.  But it is very easy to make anyway, you just sauté the sliced squash in very hot neutral vegetable oil until golden brown (I used grapeseed oil).  Remove it to drain on paper towels, and let the pan cool a little before adding a crushed garlic clove and torn mint leaves.  Add the squash back in plus just a splash of white wine vinegar.   Stir and cook for a minute and you’re done! Serve warm or at room temperature, I prefer the latter.  The recipe is from an e-newsletter I receive every month from Cooking Vacations (noise alert).

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