Filet with Béarnaise

filet with bernaiseI usually spurn filet mignon as a rather dull cut, in flavor and texture.  I’m more of a gnaw on the T-bone type!  (Actually, my favorite cut is bone-in ribeye.)

But for some reason I picked up a package of filet mignon recently, and sautéed it on my stovetop griddle, then went classic by using a packet of frozen Béarnaise sauce I’d bought a while ago and never tried. (Read the wiki link for the difference between Béarnaise and Hollandaise.)

Oddly, the packet said it was meant to be served cold, which is not how I’ve ever had it, I like my Béarnaise at least slightly warm. I thawed it out in warm water until it was a little warmer than room temperature and dolloped it on the filet.

I have to say, it was a delicious dinner, the steak had better flavor and texture than I expected (I’d simply dusted it with salt and pepper before cooking), and it was very satisfying for sort of a splurge dinner (calorie and budget wise!).

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