tunaI must be the only person I know who isn’t nuts about fresh tuna. And I don’t know why, because this tuna was delicious.  I guess I got sidetracked by salmon, cod, halibut, and, many years ago, bluefish (still a favorite, when I can get it).

When fresh tuna became popular, I quickly became bored with the typical seared tuna that is on nearly every restaurant menu now. I just did not find it so interesting after the first time or two – same story as with filet mignon.

But I saw this tuna, pre-cut and packaged in the case at ShopRite, if you can believe it, and it looked good.  It glistened, and did not look at all dry. It was cut just thick enough to fry without over cooking, a soft pink in color that I hoped was not the result of treating with carbon monoxide.  I was in a rush so just sprinkled it with olive oil and lemon-pepper seasoning before sautéeing it in my cast iron pan.  Some arugula with oil and lemon and Parmesan and croutons on the side, and I had a delicous and fast dinner!


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