Eggs BenedictSometimes I just can’t resist!  Maybe once or twice a year, in the winter, I get a hankering for eggs benedict.

I gave into it over holidays because Trader Joe’s had little tubs of pre-made hollandaise sauce in the dairy case.  O.M.G. it was delicious! I didn’t even need to add extra lemon juice as I usually do. (I do also find little pouches of frozen pre-made hollandaise and béarnaise sauces at McCaffrey’s, they’re not bad, either.)

These came together quickly, with T.J.’s whole wheat English muffins (the best!) and lean Canadian bacon, along with local farm eggs from the Whole Earth Center (I’m picky about the eggs!).

This was a delicous breakfast, but when I went back to T.J.’s for more of that great hollandaise sauce, it was gone for the season.  Just as well, as obviously it’s a real indulgence!

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