Mary Watts Store & Old Time Candy

Mary WattsI don’t know where I think I’m going with this photo and post.  I have been going through my extensive photo “archives” (i.e. a hoarder’s paradise) at home and took this photo around the time that Mary Watts closed her store on Route 206, in the late 1980s, I think.  Sadly, I don’t seem to have a photo of Mary in the store, although I do have one of a proud Eddie Atolph (was it?), behind the counter.

I grew up just down the road, and my brother and I loved to walk up there for penny candy.  I think my favorites were the wax bottles with the strongly chemical colorful “juice” inside, and the candy bottons on strips of paper. You can still buy those at Old Time Candy.  Assortment packs by decade are available and make a great milestone birthday present.  (I guess that’s where I am going with this post!)

Mary was always friendly to my family, and my mother especially enjoyed her strong and independent personality.  When Mary closed the store, she gave my mother a small oak side table or chest which was refinished and resided in my parents dining room for many years until it was sold last December in our big tag/estate sale.

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