clams at bahrsSurprisingly, Sunday lunch is a great time to visit Bahrs Landing on a holiday weekend, at least if the weather is nice.

I first went last Labor Day, and then more recently over Memorial Day.

On a nice day, everyone is at the beach or on their boat (which can pull right up to the dock for lunch outside), so the restaurant inside is calm, cool, and collected.  The staff is oh-so-friendly, too!

scallops at bahrs

I have to have the delicious fried belly clams, as did friend Betty.  And my friend Carolyn, she of the passionate NJ Wild Blog, always has scallops. They were blackened style this time, on a bed of rice, with a tropical salsa on the side. Dark though they were, inside they were not overdone.  And the portion was surprisingly large for a reasonably priced lunch order (about $17), more than you would get at dinner at more upscale places, and for far less.

After lunch Carolyn led us around back near the dock, to take a look at an old wooden canoe, so smoothed by time and the elements that one could instantly visualize long-ago Indians paddling along in it, on just such a beautiful day as this present one.  (Or it could be far more recent and I am just romanticizing it!)

boat at bahrs

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