Donna & Company Chocolates

This is the impressive Summer Seasonal Collection from Diane Pinder’s Donna & Company, in a very nice gift box with a magnetic closure.

D&Co chocolate boxI loved this collection, which continues the seasonal theme Diane started last fall.  Two of my favorites are below, the Long Island Ice Tea – black tea infused ganache with lemon, Triple Sec, rum, tequila, and preservative-free candied orange peel.  Bottoms up!

And then there is the JerseyFresh Heirloom Fruit (yes, really, she is part of the JF program!), a concoction of tomato pate-du-fruit (like a jelly), dark chocolate, vanilla and vodka.  See the cute little tomato painted on top?  The inside does indeed taste like black cherries as my colleague Pat Tanner noted, rather than like tomato. Does this count as a vegetable?

It’s all good, so be sure to order your collection online, or pick up at a retailer near you.  The other three flavors are Orange Thyme, Peach Cobbler, and Blueberry Lemon, all made with natural ingredients.

D&Co chocolates

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