Pastrami – sort of

pastramiI usually avoid cold cuts, but for some reason bought a small package of sliced pastrami at ShopRite recently.  Believe me, this is not the lovingly crafted pastrami we might dream of, but mass produced deli stuff.


I put it on some multi-grain baguette from their bakery department, which does hold some pleasant surprises, including – news flash! – excellent “Miami style” soft onion rolls. (First I smeared the bread with whole-grain mustard.)

I had a low-fat swiss cheese from Trader Joe’s, so melted that on top. Notice that it actually did melt.  Maybe once every few years, I’ll try some low-fat version of a sandwich cheese; usually I regret it, but this wasn’t too bad.  Now I’ve had a little pastrami fix that will probably hold me for a while.  Meanwhile, I dream of Abie’s Smoked Meat up in Montreal!

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