Shrimp at Wegmans

Shrimp signI paid a visit to Wegmans last weekend (maybe for the last time before they close the Quaker Road bridge!), and one thing on my list was to look for the fresh shrimp they’ve had lately – sad to say I can’t remember who told me to be sure to try these, but thank you!  Sure enough, there was a sign at the fish counter – they are only 2 days off the boat from North Carolina’s Outer Banks, never frozen, and not processed or treated in any way.

I shelled and deveined them, then just simmered them briefly with whole spices (a Shrimp Boil blend I had in the cupboard).  And they were indeed delicious with great texture.  I hesitate to buy shrimp anymore, unless they are wild caught, because I am so tired of the cheap watery flaccid ones found in run-of-the-mill supermarkets.  Most of the farmed shrimp are either polluting the environment and/or have lousy texture, too.  I highly recommend these, get them while you can, I can only assume it’ll be a seasonal treat.


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