Amish Chop

Amish stuffed pork chopSometimes I just love a stuffed pork chop.  I had bought a couple last spring at the Amish Market (check for coupons!) in Kingston), and one was still in my freezer, waiting to be cooked.  I know their meat makes no claims about how it’s raised; what can I say, a weak moment when I was there primarily to pick up a couple bockwurst.

So, during a spell when it wasn’t too hot, I thawed it, and popped it in the oven with a gloss of oil and salt and pepper on top.  (It was so large, I even had some for lunch the next day.)

Also languishing in my freezer was a bag of Alexia Sauté Sweets, a blend of sweet potatoes, corn, black beans, red bell pepper, and onions, with chipotle infused olive oil.  You fry it up (the oil and seasonings are in a separate little packet), and it is surprisingly good for a frozen convenience food.  It is not too high in salt, and has 7 grams of fiber per serving, too.  Alltogether a delicous dinner, easy to put together, even on a work night.

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