Milanese Two Ways

lucys milaneseI love chicken, veal, or pork prepared Milanese style. Turkey works too.

A pounded cutlet (or sometimes a chop on the bone), is dipped in (usually) flour, egg and  breadcrumbs, and then fried in butter. Or maybe butter and oil, depends on what you like, or the chef’s preference.

I don’t think it should be deep fried, but suspect that that happens, especially with the Viennese version, Wiener Schnitzel.  Pretty much every culture has a version of this, including Japanese Tonkatsu.

lucys sundried tom milaneseThese two are from Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen, and both were very well done. The top one is the more classic version, and besides offering it in the takeout case at the store frequently, they have it on their menu at their restaurant, One53, too, as Chicken Milanese over Arugula with Tomato Fresca. I suspect they can never take it off, it’s been so popular since the beginning.

The second version here is made with sun dried tomato in the coating, and it was also delicious. And that one comes with a lovely herbed compound butter, gilding the lily.  I always like a squeeze of lemon on this dish, and for some reason I also sprinkled on a little shaved Parmesan.  Really, I was wishing I had arugula in the house, but didn’t, as I often like this dish with the arugula salad, as served at One53.  And when I think of arugula, I think of Parmesan (and lemon).

The vegetables on the side are also from Lucy’s, a robust mix of roasted broccoli and caulifower with bread crumbs in the top photo, and a more delicate pea medley on the bottom, pea shoots, snap peas, and I think edamame, very fresh and vibrant tasting.  Lucy’s does a great job, and now their daily Lunch Special email (sign up online) includes a sneak peek at what’s available for dinner, too.  Yea!

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