swordfishThis turned out to be enough swordfish for three meals, because it was so rich, and cut a good inch or so thick.

And that’s a good thing, because good fresh (i.e. never frozen), wild caught fish is an investment purchase these days – I believe this was almost $20.

I drizzled some olive oil in the baking dish, swished the fish through it on both sides, then coated the top with breadcrumbs that I’d seasoned and mixed with a little more olive oil in a small bowl.  The seasoning for the crumbs were a mixed seasoning I had – I always keep a few salt-free seasoning mixes on hand.  Something for seafood, something spicy, a lemon-pepper. They come in handy, and that way I can add a little salt myself.  When you buy a seasoning mix, check out the ingredients. Some of them list salt first!

I baked this at 375º for about 25 minutes, and the fish was delicious, juicy and tender.  Swordfish is not really a flaky fish, so don’t look for that when you test doneness.  I decided mine was done when it could be pierced easily with the tip of a small knife. It looked like the flesh was opaque, so that was it I decided, and it was perfect.

If you want to check out the sustainability of seafood, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website or download their App.

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