Noosa Yogurt

Noose yogurtIf you spot Noosa Yogurt in your market (Acme carries it), give it a try. It meets my minimum standard for dairy products by using milk that is rBGH free. 

Originally from the Noosa region in Australian, but now made in Colorado (with a touch of Colorado honey), it is delicious, and I love the texture. It is exceptionally smooth, and doesn’t have that sometimes pasty thickness of Greek yogurt. The peach version I tried was yummy, with real pieces of the fruit. It was brought to me by Ellen Tozzi, the Professional Organizer I’ve been working with at home, and about whom I am always raving.

Note that this is not a reduced fat yogurt, and maybe that is why the Noosa nutritional label counts the 8-ounce container as two servings, not one. But, four ounces is not a serving, nossiree! You will find it hard to stop there. When I finally find this in a market near me, I am eager to try the strawberry rhubarb flavor.

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