Chocolate Orange Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

As I finished preparing dinner one night, I had a sudden inspiration to use up the two egg knot rolls in my freezer. I needed the space! I’d bought the rolls, which are made with eggy brioche dough, with bread pudding in mind, so before I sat down to eat, I took them from the freezer knowing they’d defrost quickly.

After dinner, I had this chocolate orange bread pudding in the oven within a few minutes.  I cut the rolls into large cubes and piled them into a lightly buttered high-sided glass baking dish. I tucked in a handful of dark chocolate pastilles (discs), and some diced candied orange zest.  In a bowl, I mixed 2 eggs with 2% milk and a little half-and-half I needed to use up, maybe 1 1/2 or 2 cups total. Plus a tablespoon (or so…) of Grand Marnier. If I’d remembered, I might have added a little orange juice, too. Poured that over the bread, poking and prodding to get the bread to absorb the liquid.

As usual, I forgot to add sugar to the milk mixture, so generously sprinkled the top of the pudding with Demerara sugar, knowing that would suffice, and give a nice crunch to the top.  Into a 350 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes, and voila! I have made some version of this countless times, and while I don’t usually like bread pudding in restaurants (too dense, too many raisins…), I love the impromptu variations on this theme I make at home with airy brioche.

One thought on “Chocolate Orange Bread Pudding

  1. Faith – I haven’t stopped by your blog for a while and I see you’ve got a new look. It’s delightful. I’m with you on bread pudding ordered in restaurants. It’s usually too dense and so much better at home. Your improvisations look terrific and I’ll bet it was just divine warm from the oven.

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