Wedding Bells

Tre Piani patio

Tre Piani patio

As soon as I saw this photo in an email from Tre Piani the other day, I recognized the set-up. This was from owner Jim Weaver’s very own wedding at the restaurant just a few short years ago.

The scene of late-summer corn, sunflowers, herbs – and are those tomatoes I see nestled in the foliage on the curved table there? – was idyllic. Of course, that expanse of table was eventually filled with platters of food from Jim’s kitchen. And, of course, the food was delicious, but it was the corn, the bounty of summer that was all around us, that put this celebration over the top.

So here’s what I would do if I were getting married. I’d call Jim and ask him to plant me a special wedding garden outside the restaurant (with, yes, figs, I spied some of those, too), and plan a harvest wedding around that. Of course, there are many months to enjoy between now and then, so maybe you can have a summer garden wedding, too, indoors or out.

The restaurant is a lovely, highly personal location for a wedding, and just steps from lodging at the Westin Hotel in Forrestal Village.  Jim’s team offers complete wedding planning services and they can accommodate up to 200. My brother had his wedding reception upstairs at the restaurant almost ten years ago; that was at the start of the holiday season, and another lovely and memorable affair.

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