Brick Farm Market opens at last

Semolina raisin bread and lardo

Semolina raisin bread and lardo

Finally!  Brick Farm Market in Hopewell opened this weekend, and I am so glad. For now they are open just Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and when I visited on Sunday they were quite busy, with a full parking lot.


It’s great to see the community so eager to patronize a new farm-based market.I bought all sorts of goodies, rich housemade yogurt and ricotta, some Cherry Grove Rosedale cheese, since Double Brook Farm is not making their own yet (they’ll establish a creamery in yet another converted gas station down the street eventually), house made pate, and the bread and lardo you see here. Their fresh meat counter was doing a brisk business too, and Master Butcher Tim Myers hand sliced this lardo for me – their cured meats are made from their own animals by artisan salumeria, Salumeria Biellese. Now I know where to go for pancetta and guanciale!

I also picked up some fancy-schmancy butter and tender young rainbow chard. The prepared foods case was doing a brisk business (lots of families), and there are a few tables for eating. Oh, and a little frangipane (almond) tart, plus a nice little right-sized (i.e. small) “Healthy Muffin” (bran/fruit) for $1.50.

You're toast!

You’re toast!

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