Viking Village scallops travel in good company

Topolobampo Menu

Topolobampo Menu

I’ve always said that if I ever got to Chicago, I’d make a beeline for Rick Bayless’ acclaimed Mexican restaurants, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo. And in an e-newsletter I recently got from, about new historical menus being planned for Topolobampo, what should I spy at the top of their current menu but Viking Village Scallops: Scallops in Aguachile: Viking Village diver scallops, spicy Beck Grove organic lime and habanero “broth,” red wakame, salt-cured nopal, bursts of lime, micro cilantro.

I’ve used Bayless’ sauces in cooking off and on for years, and it’s just wonderful to see one of my favorite local foods on the menu of one of his restaurants, getting its well-deserved recognition. (Now, if there were just somewhere in our area to get such fantastic renditions of Mexican food.)

Yay for JerseyFresh seafood, known and valued all over!

(p.s. the photo of scallops is my own preparation at home)

One thought on “Viking Village scallops travel in good company

  1. Faith, I delight with you that our Viking Village, on beleaguered LBI, is sourcing excellent meals for Rick Bayless, way out in Chicago. I must admit, the best scallops and the best swordfish I’ve ever encountered came from Viking Village — so fresh, so vibrant, moist, sweet — o these words pale beside the reality. There is a divine Diver Scallop at Carversville Inn, worthy of the journey. I don’t know its source – never thought to ask. Not Mexican — apple-smoked bacon around this scallop as big as a hefty filet mignon, and a sweet/tangy sauce lightly present.

    Thanks for triggering savory memories.


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