Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook: Lighten Up

Cooking With Trader Joe's Lighten Up

Cooking With Trader Joe’s Lighten Up

It really will be spring sometime soon, and then you’ll want to slim down for summer. If that’s you, and you are a Trader Joe’s fan, you might want to go to Barnes & Noble Princeton on March 16, when author Susan Greeley, M.S., R.D. will be signing Cooking with Trader Joe’s Cookbook:  Lighten Up!”  

The book is full of no-fuss, gourmet  healthy meals with great shortcuts from Trader Joe’s, thanks to the “convenience factor” in many of their foods. (I have to admit, I often use more than one of their items to throw together a quick tasty meal, like sautéed shrimp with TJ’s sweet chili sauce over their kimchi fried rice and peas!)

Greeley’s cookbook features:

  • The 5 Daily Diet Rules
  • A guide to good carbs that will curb cravings and reduce belly fat
  • Easy ways to boost your metabolism
  • A 2-Week Challenge that will jump-start your weight loss
  • Strategies for cooking and eating healthier despite a hectic lifestyle
  • Photos and nutritional information for every recipe
  • All ingredients can be found at Trader Joe’s!

The signing will take place on March 16th at 1:00 pm at the Princeton/Market Fair Barnes & Noble located at 3535 US Highway 1 in Princeton, NJ.

Ms Greeley is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine (DIFM) and Food and Culinary Professionals (FCP) dietetic practice groups of the Academy. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition Communication from Tufts University in Boston and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics from Miami University in Oxford. Ohio.

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