Sushi Chef John at Ya Ya Noodles

Lately, my friends have been raving about the great sushi they’ve been enjoying at Ya Ya Noodles in Montgomery. I NEED to get there, but am waiting for warmer weather, since I know it’s coming soon (yes really!). 

Meanwhile, professional photographer Tasha O’Neill, who is taking a videography course, has made a 40-second time-lapse video of Sushi Chef John (as he’s identified on the signage above the door) at work. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun, and – not unexpectedly – a very professional endeavor.

Besides the link for Tasha above, you can also find her here, and view her blog, here. She’s a good friend of my own friend, Carolyn Edelmann, and the two enjoy regular nature excursions together, often with gourmet lunch trappings.

One thought on “Sushi Chef John at Ya Ya Noodles

  1. Faith, this is such a joy, to watch John’s artistry in action, on our friend, Tasha’s, amazing video. I think John should set up a Tasha Menu, so all of us who were not there that night can experience this beauty and those flavors I know so well, yet I do not know these dishes. Especially not the blowtorch special!

    smiles, Carolyn

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