Grits and Greens

20150128_182446Even though I’ve resolved to avoid approaching food as medicine, I know I need to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet. I was off to a good start with the vegetables last fall, but then, as the cold and dark closed in, I got lazy, and started hitting the carbs more instead. Bad girl!

So now I’m turning a new, er, leaf (sorry!), so a few days ago I stocked up on southern greens, spinach, and broccoli & cauliflower florets at Trader Joe’s. I immediately cooked the greens, with some sweet white onion and garlic, so I could enjoy them with my leftover Anson Mills grits and roasted chicken thighs smothered in FunniBonz barbecue sauce (“Spicy,” thank you.)

When my brother was about 15 he started asking my mother to make grits for breakfast occasionally on the weekend. (He’s now a great cook himself.) Where on earth did that come from?, we wondered. He’s told me since, but I can’t remember. And I can’t remember if I even tried them then, but now I love my grits, and, of course, polenta. And just today, in a very favorable review of SweetGrass restaurant in Hopewell, the New York Times reviewer said, “Sometimes a server will have to talk a customer into trying the grits. Please, New Jersey, try the grits.” I agree!



2 thoughts on “Grits and Greens

  1. Ah, grits, Faith, indeed! Maybe the best thing about living in Savannah in 1988 and 89 was that I could have grits every day, if I wanted to. But, they never taste right up here. Are you telling me SweetGrass makes acceptable grits? If you say so, I’ll go.



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