Storm Food for Snowmageddon

Twitter is aflutter with amusing tweets about stocking up with groceries for the coming storm. Are you ready for Snowmageddon? What are your favorite things to eat or drink during a blizzard? (Don’t even think about losing power, in which case all bets are off!)

Wegmans Coconut Cake

Wegmans Coconut Cake

One woman said she’d sent her husband to the supermarket and was afraid she’d never see him again. Another reveled in having ordered from FreshDirect, so she didn’t have to go to the market. I told everyone to stock up on Wegmans coconut cake. We all had an amusing exchange on Planet Princeton, which, by the way, is the best storm center for up to date Princeton-area developments.

My girlfriend Miriam and I love this cake and she’s lucky enough to live not too far from Wegmans. That was too far for me to go today (and I just can’t deal with that parking lot on the weekend even under normal circumstances), but fortunately I’d baked malted milk chocolate brownies yesterday, for a column I’m planning to write closer to spring. So I’m set for sweets.

Malted Milk Chocolate Brownie

Malted Milk Chocolate Brownie

I also have wonderful leftovers from a dinner of baked bbq chicken thighs and Anson Mills grits last night.

Chicken & Grits

Chicken & Grits

Anyway, as my friends will tell you (with an eye roll), my cupboards and refrigerator (and freezer) are always overflowing with food, and I could survive for weeks on what I have on hand. But since a Bahadurian never met a market she or he didn’t like, I did stop into Lucy’s today for a big loaf of rustic bread to go with some new harvest olive oil I’d recently ordered from Olio2Go. And a container of their incomparable clam sauce. Just in case.

4 thoughts on “Storm Food for Snowmageddon

  1. Love your feisty attitude, Faith. Coconut anything is the last thing I’d ever want, having had to do Baker’s Coconut live commercials for General Foods for a couple of years — but you make it look and sound delightful. Friends and I went to Dryden Ensemble for ancient music (Bach cantatas) today and then to Seasons 52 to feast. As the heavenly Gascon Malbec was raised, we toasted, “WHAT storm?”

    Thanks, as always, for keeping us au courant!


  2. Snowmageddon eh? I don’t look forward to that! Can someone share with me why it is that no matter how much food I stock or stack before the storm, I usually become bored in no time with my stash of intentionally healthy foods. Maybe I should wake up to the call to sugar up and slobber over frozen yogurt and cakes and… Joan Goldstein

    • Like they say, excess in moderation. You do need some protein, carb, and fat, but you certainly don’t have to overindulge. That life-saving St. Bernard dog with the little cask around his neck? It’s not filled with kale juice! 😉

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