February Best Bites – and one very salty pot pie

February may have been short on days (and temperature), but not on delicious foods to enjoy. From trying the limited edition Red Velvet Oreos (not as sweet as I feared, actually liked them better than the original, which I don’t care for), to working more vegetables into my diet (thanks to a visit to a nutritionist, more on that in future), to various slow cooker adventures (that sausage/sauerkraut dish was too darned sweet), and just a meal or two out in between snow/ice storms, it was a culinarily eventful month.

Note the first photo, of bostock, which I wrote about for the Feb. 27 Packet. It doesn’t look like that article went online, so I’ll post it here soon.  Also, the last photo, of a terrific take on Canadian poutine, a dish many of us would spurn. Trust Main Street to make a delicious version, and that inspired an upcoming In The Kitchen for the Packet, which should be out March 6.

Note my salt tester in the gallery below, lit up like a Christmas tree. I’d bought an “upscale” pot pie. The label indicated a very reasonable amount of salt, but at the first bite I tasted a lot of salt. Really, really a lot. So I reached for my handy-dandy tester, and sure enough, it was off the charts, clearly exceeding what the label indicated. I’ll be contacting the producer, whose products are usually just fine. I had a similar experience with a restaurant dessert recently, and they quickly ascertained that it was a bad batch (i.e. a measuring mistake). It happens, and I’ll be back for another try, since they handled it so well. I always say that if you have a problem with a dish, it’s best to bring it up, rather than sulk in silence. Any responsible businessperson would rather know and have a chance to right the wrong, rather than have you complain to everyone but them.

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