Don’t miss the Waiter’s Race July 9 at the Princeton Shopping Center

Waiters RacePrinceton’s annual Waiter’s Race takes place July 9, at the Princeton Shopping Center this year, from 4:00 to 5:00pm. Come out to cheer on teams from your favorite restaurants as they race in the courtyard holding trays laden with glasses of water and beverages from locally owned BAI. Thrills, spills – you get the picture! Racers compete for prizes donated by local merchants (and often for some cash, too), in addition to the glory of winning. Definitely the glory!

The race originated in France in the early 1900s, and traditionally takes place around the time of Bastille Day. Princeton’s race has taken place off and on since 1980, and is currently organized by the Princeton Merchant’s Association. It’s a great way to recognize those hardworking restaurant employees who serve tens of thousands of us each week in Princeton.

UPDATE-read about the winners here.

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