Blue Bottle Cafe’s Wednesday Tasting Menu – treat yourself!

I’ve been meaning to try the summer Wednesday Tasting Menu at the Blue Bottle Café in Hopewell, and finally went with a friend last week. We had such a nice dinner (OMG, the scallops and risotto especially!), and at 5 courses for $55, it’s hard to beat for such fine dining with a scrumptious seasonal menu. Each Wednesday’s menu is posted on their Facebook page (usually 12-24 hours before), and definitely make reservations if you go.

While I was there, Rory Philipson, the chef who co-owns BBC with her husband chef Aaron Philipson, mentioned that they were in the process of renewing their lease, so, for those who may have heard rumors of a move, fuggedaboudit, they are staying put and their many fans will continue to enjoy BBC right where they are.

Here are photos of everything, five courses plus an amuse of pork terrine. I also can’t resist adding a photo of a roast pig mentioned in my grilling article on page 35 of the August issue of Packet Magazine. (Should be up on website by Mon/Tue.) The article didn’t use the photo, but it did describe the pig roast held for a Philipson family birthday party in April. Aaron had received a “caja china” grill and they put it to good use!


Photo courtesy of Blue Bottle Cafe

Photo courtesy of Blue Bottle Cafe


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