February Best Bites

I had Chinese, Japanese, Mexican (my own guac), Italian, American style comfort food, and more. Meyer lemon preserves turned out well (though next time I need to make thinner slices), and I surprised myself by using up every bit of a too-thick and too-tomato-y bean and broccoli soup I’d made. I roasted some parsnips, which really do turn into candy in the oven as the sugars concentrate. I made a fantastic lamb shepherd’s pie with some parsnip – and other -leftovers (a separate post below), and a passable tuna noodle casserole, maybe my first one in 20 years.

The clams you see are from a very nice lunch at Vidalia in Lawrenceville (which just got a rave review from Susan Yeske in the Times of Trenton, and is one of 40 statewide finalists for the best Italian restaurant in NJ at as detailed on Facebook).

I had a good ribeye steak dinner at home (I’ve been buying Piedmontese beef at McCaffrey’s), and even made old-fashioned chocolate pudding one afternoon when I had a couple cups of 2% milk that needed to be used up stat. I used cornstarch, rather than egg yolks. It didn’t quite thicken enough, due to sloppy measuring of cornstarch maybe? No matter, it hit the spot (several times).

The duck half (it provided two dinners) was from the Amish market in Kingston, I was going to get ribs, but then I thought, how often do I have duck – not that often and I almost never cook it myself except maybe at holidays when I make duck legs with crispy potatoes. So duck it was. I also picked up some of my favorite chubby little sage sausages while there, and a bread-stuffed pork chop that I roasted and failed to photograph.

In late February I got a newer model of my Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the camera is amazing, so hopefully my photos will improve, even if my photographic abilities don’t.



One thought on “February Best Bites

  1. Charming, Faith, appealing and memorable. Fun to cook virtually with you — you know this is how Ruth Reichl’s cookbook began – cooking her way out of the end of a job (as Gourmet Editor as you well know) and into bliss, day after day, and using Social Media to describe same… A cookbook in the offing? Best Bites by Bahadurian? smiles me

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