September’s Best Bites

I’ll consider my post on Balsamic Glazed Chicken and Potatoes as my Recipe of the Month for September. Seems like several readers have made it, and it’s one of those recipes you can “make your own” in various ways.

And, for some of the other good dishes I enjoyed in September (in spite of a recurrence of Lyme disease that’s made it hard to cook much), the gallery below spells it out. To see captions, hover your cursor over the photo.

3 thoughts on “September’s Best Bites

  1. As a former food stylist, in the time of live television -b&w and no retakes — I marvel at the beauty and appeal of your images, DEAR Faith — and mourn that you have been assailed by the return of Lyme. It must have seemed ironic that Betty and I went to the town for whom the disease was named — up there, they first thought it was childhood rheumatism! I woke this morning early to find two deer ASLEEP in my yard — bold as brass. They didn’t even flee when I talked to them. Still never understand how this ailment found you in the first place. Yet you heroically go right on creating beautiful food. Blessings c

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