Recipe Of the Month – Pan-Fried Camembert Sandwich 

Bet you thought this month’s special recipe would be that gorgeous rib roast of beef I made right before Christmas. But instead I’m going with this Pan-Fried Camembert Sandwich from the BBC, such a simple little thing, but with a big payoff in luxurious flavor. (Click here for the recipe.)

I always have some type of cranberry sauce around (though you could substitute a fruit jam), but enjoying this just now makes me resolve to keep a little wheel of Camembert in my cheese drawer at all times. The few drops of balsamic vinegar cut the richness, and I use whatever bread I have on hand, in this case a multigrain sandwich loaf. Bon appétit and Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Recipe Of the Month – Pan-Fried Camembert Sandwich 

  1. Will try this Rx. with some red huckleberry sauce I found in freezer. We have used it in place of cranberry for Thanksgiving/Turkey dinner.

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