December’s Best Bites

Ah, December, the most celebratory and calorie-laden month of the year! Here’s mine, culinarily speaking, from quiche to sausage to turkey (twice!) to rib roast, and a reckless splurge on the complete (to date) series of Short Stack Editions. Fish & Chips at Main Street (review here). Christmas Day dinner with friends at Shanghai Park, which put out a surprisingly good Peking duck. Lots of chocolate too! First FreshDirect delivered a whole box of the bars instead of the single one I’d ordered. (I called, they said, “Keep it.”) On Christmas Eve at my brother’s, his wife’s lovely family members all gave me chocolate – wow!  They were from Jacques Torres, 2 Chicks With Chocolate, and Thomas Sweets and gone all too soon. (Photos are below, hover cursor over individual ones for captions.)






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