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Convenience Food My Way

Convenience Food My Way

This was a delicious dinner that was easy to put together. And yet, every part of it involved some measure of “convenience food.” The poussin is one of the pre-marinated ones from Griggstown Farm, the “herb” version with olive oil, thyme and vinegar (they also do a soy/ginger version). It comes in a sealed bag, so … Continue reading

A Supermarket Tale

It seemed simple enough. I was nearly out of green peppercorns, the ones packed in brine, so I added them to my grocery list.  I don’t go through them quickly, but every now and then, when I’m splurging on a nice steak, I like pungent green peppercorn sauce, the kind you might find in a … Continue reading

Kimchi Fried Rice

This dinner, built, I admit, almost entirely on convenience foods, was just delicous. I’d had it in mind for a while, so decided it was time to raid the freezer. Kimchi Fried Rice from Trader Joe’s formed the base. I really like this frozen item, as it is a tasty (somewhat spicy) accompaniment to whatever … Continue reading

Roasted Sausages & Grapes

O.M.G. this was so delicious!  I always mean to make this, and maybe even did ages ago, although I might be confusing that with the simpler roasting of Italian sausages in red wine.  (I think I have Pat Tanner to thank for that method.) Whatever, I had some nice looking sweet Italian sausage from Dolce & Clemente’s … Continue reading

Squash Ravioli

I always go on a bit of a butternut squash craze in the fall, and even wrote about it for one of my recent Packet In The Kitchen columns. And I noticed these triangular squash-filled ravioli on a recent visit to Trader Joe’s, so had to try them.  I also bought shiitaki mushrooms, and sautéed … Continue reading


I’m so predictable. As I started this post on bockwurst, I got the idea to see if I’d written about it last summer. As I suspected, I had, and – get this – on the very same day, September 2.  I have to laugh, but it is indeed true that I love these pale chubby … Continue reading

Pork Chop

This apple almond stuffed pork chop looked pretty good in the meat case at Trader Joe’s.  So I mentally declared it the Fall season, and bought a package of two.  Never as good as one’s own stuffing, but ohhh so easy, and it was not loaded with salt. It wasn’t bad, either, the stuffing was moist … Continue reading

Turkey Chili

I recently bought ground turkey at Trader Joe’s. It was shockingly lean, so I had to add olive oil, and then add a little more, as I browned it with the vegetables to make this chili.  Which is fine, of course, I’d rather add olive oil than have a lot of poultry fat in the dish. I … Continue reading