Food Politics

The big food politics question today is whether Proposition 2 will pass in California (Nov 5 update-it passed!).  It could vastly improve the treatment of farm animals that are raised for food down the road if it does.

And just for the heck of it, I Googled  “Food Politics” and “Food Politics Recipes” to see what I came up with.

No politically charged recipes, but still some interesting sites, as it turns out, so take a look: – the website of respected author Marion Nestle (and maybe she coined that phrase, as the title of one of her books?).  It was Dr. Nestle who told us, in What to Eat, that if we shop the perimeter of the supermarket, we’ll end up with better groceries in our shopping carts, since the interior aisles are where the processed foods are concentrated. – Issues of food politics are so much a part of the national dialogue now, that Gourmet magazine even has a special section of their Website devoted to the topic. – Bill Niman, the man who founded Niman Ranch (now sold), and put humane treatment of farm animas on the culinary” map,” responds to questions from New York Times readers. – a bare-bones listing of a book by British science writer, Colin Tudge, Future Food: Politics, Philosophy and Recipes for the 21st Century.  The book was published under the title of “Future Cook” – in 1980!  Tudge has his own website and extensive bibliography at

Also, for news about food politics, and just about any aspect of our food chain (government, education, business, science, the environment, health/nutrition), be sure to check out  This site contains a wealth of information, including news items from all kind of media outlets, articles, etc.  

Always something new to learn about in the world of food.

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