Duck With Prunes

Duck with PrunesThis dish was the result of rummaging through my freezer and cupboards, in an effort to use things up that were a tad (shall we say) past their prime.

When I see a package of duck legs at the Asian supermarket, I think how nice that would be to have, and into the freezer they go.  And the prunes that were so delicious when fresh, quickly lost their appeal when I forgot to use them up.  But duck with prunes? A classic French dish, so I mashed up a couple different recipes I dug up online, and fairly quickly whipped this up on a work night, adding half a red onion I had in the crisper, and using an open bottle of port for the sauce.  Ta dum!  (A little wild rice would have been nice with this, but I guess I ran out of time and inspiration.)�

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