Bell & Whistle Cafe

Bell-Whistle salmonThis was my entrée on my first visit to the very nice new Bell & Whistle Café (noise alert) in Hopewell.  It is “Alaskan wild salmon roasted on cedar plank with grand marnier citrus butter & pineapple-jicama salsa, served with texmati rice.”  Texmati rice is a domestic version of basmati rice, by the way.

Located in a lovely new structure in back of Boro Bean on E. Broad Street (the main street), the restaurant offers “innovative regional American cuisine.”

I liked the food, especially the low-country oysters on fried green tomato I started with that evening.  I went again more recently for my review, and that just came out in the Packet on Friday.  Give them a try soon!  They get booked up at peak times, so give them a jingle first if you want to be sure.

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