WEC Okra soupSometimes I make a point of trying something I think I don’t like. Okra is a good example. When I was young, my Armenian grandmother stewed okra from the garden in various ways, and I hated them all because of the slimy stuff that they exuded.  Ugh.

But several years ago I discovered the way that Indians dry-fried okra with spices, and loved that! (I used to get it at the short-lived Bombay Delite – if that is the right name? – in the Southfield Shopping Center in West Windsor.)

So, when I saw this late summer vegetable soup at the Whole Earth Center with plenty of sliced okra, I gave it a try, and it was lovely.  No sliminess at all, and each vegetable was cooked perfectly. and even though it was in a tomato base, it was not too acidic, nor, for that matter, at all too salty.  Just right!

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