Ezekiel’s Table greets a new year

corn fritters“The months since the July re-opening of Ezekiel’s Table have been sizzling,” says owner Marcia Willsie.

She’s busy welcoming new groups into her kitchen, where she holds her hands on cooking classes.  Each class, custom designed for the attendees, ends in dinner around the table at her historic old farmhouse on Mercer Road (Princeton Pike).

Her new website is up, and features some delicious recipes, including the one you see pictured here for Cheesy Corn Fritters, an appetizer sort of like a fried tamale, and it uses some of my favorite Mexican ingredients, corn masa, poblano chilies, and queso fresco.

Gather together a few of your friends – or co-workers? – and plan an evening around this.  As Marcia says, Have a smokin’ hot New Year!

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