Lunch at Mediterra

Griggstown Chicken

Shortly before holidays, I enjoyed an excellent staff lunch with my University colleagues at Mediterra. They worked up a prix fixe menu for us, based on some of the dishes from the dinner menu, and did a wonderful job.

Here you see my Verlasso Salmon (a sustainably raised salmon), with tri-color caulaiflower and Swiss chard; it was luscious. Griggstown Farm Herbed chicken was served with preserved lemon, potatoes, and escarole. 

Verlasso Salmon

And our dessert! Chocolate “Baton” with banana cream, rice tuille and espresso pop rocks. Silence fell over the table as we savored every morsel. The “pop rocks” part of it seemed to come from espresso powder sprinkled on part of the incredibly rich chocolate baton; you can see it in the photo, to the left of the crisped rice tuille.

This was a very pleasant event for us, thanks to the great staff at Mediterra – Happy New Year to you all!

Chocolate Baton

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