Holiday Gallery

It was great to do some cooking over the holidays!  Here’s a photo roundup of some of the things I enjoyed. Note that I did not make the Panforte myself, that was from Bon Appétit, ditto Baked Alaska from Trader Joe’s (too cute to pass up).


Endive Salad

Lobster with Browned Cream
(Very liberally adapted from Canal House Cooking)

Cake slice

Almond Cake with Orange, Lemon, Olive OIl


Panforte from Siena


Panforte unrwrapped


Chicken Thighs with Orange and Teryaki


New Year’s Lobster

Peppermint Baked Alaska(Trader Joe's)

Peppermint Baked Alaska
(Trader Joe’s)

CC Leftovers

Cross Culture Indian Cuisine leftovers

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