Annual Wassailing Party at Terhune on January 24

Sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to make a racket, especially for a family outing.

If you’re in the mood, Terhune Orchards will host its annual Wassailing Party on Sunday January 24, from 1-4 p.m. Whether in sun or snow, apple trees need to be wassailed every year.

wassailgroupParticipants will gather among the 100 year-old trees In Terhune’s orchard to sing, chant, and make lots of noise under the bare tree branches to frighten away winter’s evil spirits so the apple trees will flourish in the spring. This practice follows a very long tradition from England in which many villages relied on the apple harvest. Knowing that the spring buds are on the trees in the winter, it was thought that creating a racket in winter would scare away bad sprits and ensure an excellent harvest in autumn. These villagers also thought they were scaring away harmful bugs that can injure the trees. With this winter’s weather being so unsettled, we are counting on the ancient tradition of  wassailing to scare any lingering bugs in the orchard that usually get killed off in the cold.

handsomemollydanceMolly dancers dressed in traditional black costumes play an important role in the wassailing festivities each year. A caller chants and calls out dance steps much like square dancing. The dancers jump and dance to flute music. The crowd is led in the reading of a chant and encouraged to join the Molly dancers in the fun.  Pieces of bread are dipped in cider and hung from the tree limbs to give the benevolent spirits something to eat.

Wassailing partygoers are invited to help themselves to a cup of free hot apple cider and donuts or roast marshmallows over a campfire using the sticks that are pruned from apple trees each winter.

Singers at Terhune OrchardsIn the farm store, Spiced Punch will perform old traditional songs and ballads. The costumed quartet presents some of the finest interpretations of historic mirth you’ll ever encounter. Accompanied by strings, recorders, tin whistle and concertina, Spiced Punch brings history alive with their musical interpretations.

For those who work up an appetite while creating the racket, the store will have lots of varieties of apples to try and bakery treats and cider made from our apples. Warm up with a cup of hot soup or chili. The winery tasting room will be open for wine tastings and cups of hot, spiced wine.

Visitors can also view the progress of the new wine barn that is being built next to the wine tasting room. Gary and Pam Mount will be available to talk about the plans for the new barn when construction is finished later in the year.

Terhune Orchards is located at 330 Cold Soil Rd. / The farm store is open daily, 9 a.m. –6 p.m.  / The winery is open Friday- Sunday, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

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