April’s Best Bites

I’ve gone from being so caught up to being woefully behind, due to an editing project I’ve taken on for a friend’s cookbook.

So, here, with almost no explanation is a roundup of some of what I enjoyed in April. Briefly: spiced nuts, casseroles at Hot Wok Cafe, chocolate-orange bread pudding, a kitchen sink cookie from Gingered Peach (awesome!), pecan praline gelato (ShopRite), caramel brownie, fancy new ice cream scoop (handle transfers heat like that butter knife I got recently, both by That Inventions, 5-cheese Greek Spiral (TJ’s), Main Street’s steak sandwich, chocolate pudding, eggs in enchilada sauce, roasted asparagus, ducks feet and tofu skin dim sum at Canton Palace in Somerville (great meal!), That Dish I posted about on Facebook with the anchovies and other seafood and a gazillion other ingredients, my order of tahini and halva from Seed + Mill in NYC (tahini article coming in Packet), a steak dinner and bean soup. Whew.


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