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Bennies redux

This was a spring dinner, when local asparagus were in season, and I had just bought some fresh farm eggs.  And the very good hollandaise sauce that Trader Joe’s had around holidays, magically reappeared in the store. For me that trio ade the perfect storm, so I had to indulge one evening.  I’m sure the … Continue reading

Sausage Gravy on Sweet Potato Biscuit

Okay, it looks a mess, because, as is often the case, I didn’t think of taking the photo until I’d had a couple bites. This was one of my last cool morning weekend breakfasts of early spring.  Every now and then I just have to have sausage gravy on a biscuit. And I’d found these … Continue reading


Sometimes I just gotta have lox and cream cheese. But I forgot the bagel! I buy the bits and pieces of lox at Wegmans usually (they’re not too salty), and since they sell those little plastic tubs right by the bagels, I don’t know why this is on an English muffin instead. I probably bought … Continue reading

Homemade Granola

Every now and then the high cost of good store-bought granola gets to me and I make a batch of my own. As long as I have good oatmeal, I can patch together the rest of an easy recipe with odds and ends of pantry staples I need to use up. That coconut getting a … Continue reading


Sometimes I just can’t resist!  Maybe once or twice a year, in the winter, I get a hankering for eggs benedict. I gave into it over holidays because Trader Joe’s had little tubs of pre-made hollandaise sauce in the dairy case.  O.M.G. it was delicious! I didn’t even need to add extra lemon juice as … Continue reading

Breakfast of Champions

This isn’t the first thing most of you will think of when you read that phrase.  But this breakfast is the kind of old-country stick-to-your-ribs fare that my Armenian grandparents enjoyed. Now I make it for any time of day, and always relish it, especially during a winter like this, when you’re always fighiting the … Continue reading

All gone!

This is what remains of a delicious granola bar I picked up at the Whole Earth Center recently.  Not even a crumb! It’s made by Jen Carson, owner of Jen’s Cakes & Pastries; she is a member of the Cooperative Kitchen in Princeton, home to several bakers and Wooden Spoon Catering. Her little pies (Lillipies) … Continue reading

Holiday Breakfast

Whoa! Ground fog in the Christmas Tree forest!   A little dry ice (I work in a lab building at PU), some nifty folk carvings, and it’s magic for the holidays at our staff breakfast (thank you Andrew!). The breakfast tray from Olives was very nice, too, they have great baked goods!  

Over Easy and Thank You Wegmans

It’s so unusual I have time to make a real breakfast, that it is a photo-worthy occasion to me! A couple of maple links from the Amish Market in Kingston, good  eggs (from the Whole Earth Center?), and a slice of Wegmans delicious organic multi-grain bread with currants.  I love that bread! When Wegmans first … Continue reading

Virtuous Breakfast (sort of)

This is my go-to breakfast for many work and weekend mornings. Sure, it varies, sometimes I use bananas (they’re under there), other times blueberries or another fruit.  The kind of yogurt varies, too, and while I admit to buying a lot of Dannon Light & Fit (yes, even though it contains artificial sweeteners), sometimes I … Continue reading