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Confectionately Yours

I’ve been meaning to try out this family-run place in Franklin Park for some time now, and while I haven’t eaten there yet, did stop in for ice cream (they make their own) the other day. At left you see rocky road, cashew turtle, and black forest.  All delicious. They were right on Route 27 for … Continue reading

Pies for Schools

This is the time of year that parents start planning school fundraisers, and sometimes that means pies and cheesecakes.  But instead of so-so products, how about something really good for a change, something local and wholesome, and something that people will purchase because they want to, not just out of obligation? Your school, I recently learned … Continue reading

Slow School Lunch?

Kids have to eat really fast from what I hear about school lunches these days.  But that’s no reason to eat fast food.  Slow Food USA ‘s Time For Lunch campaign is having a national day of action, a big potluck “Eat-In” all over the country on Labor Day, September 7.  Local organizers are planning one in Princeton, too.  It … Continue reading

Gitchee, gitchee, good!

I vaguely remember buying tiny jars of baby food puréed fruit many years ago, for the novelty, but if they’d tasted this good I wouldn’t have stopped. At the recent Fancy Food Show in New York, a taste of Tastybaby‘s Bangos, a Stage 2 banana-mango blend, wowed me with its fresh, not processed, flavor.  Tastybaby … Continue reading