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Spring Has Sprung (or, What’s Been Cooking in My Kitchen)

Spring Has Sprung (or, What’s Been Cooking in My Kitchen)

Ahhh, Easter dinner! It seems ages ago, and I guess it was. I took the trouble to make a rack of lamb, potato galette, and fresh peas with pearl onions.The photo of the meal doesn’t show off the galette well at all, so I include a separate photo of that at the front of this … Continue reading

Lemon Bars

These were excellent!  And they’re from the Genomics Cafe where I work at Princeton University. Same people who run Prospect House, Restaurant Associates. While I haven’t seen them for sale in the Cafe itself (how about it guys?), they made an appearance on the dessert table for an event they catered for us. I’d asked … Continue reading


These brownies, from the Genomics Café on campus at Princeton University turned out to be lighter in texture than most.  I liked the way that the peanuts appeared to be pressed into the top, there was a nice abstractness to the pattern created.  (Hmmm, like little cells swimming around?)  You don’t usually see peanuts on brownies, and while it might … Continue reading


Found this cute bit of “heaven in a cup,” at the Café at work today, and whipped out my cell phone for a shot. I always scoff at tiramisu, regarding it as one of those overdone not-really-Italian dishes created for American tastes, although the wiki information at the link above begs to differ.  But sometimes it’s … Continue reading

S’more please!

These disappeared so quickly, I barely had time to get out my cell phone to take the photo. A clever take on s’mores, they were offered in our Genomics Café on campus at Princeton University last week.  A graham cracker base was topped with chocolate cake (not too sweet, either, which was a relief), and … Continue reading


It’s just not fair.  I must resist temptation day and night it seems.  These beauties are in our little Cafe, the “Genomics Cafe,” on Princeton’s campus where I toil each weekday (I don’t work in the Cafe, but in an office nearby).  Anyway, I’m proud to say I’ve yet to have one.  Our little spot … Continue reading