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I can see I won’t get to do any baking before Christmas day, so am glad I at least managed to make a batch of spiced nuts. I have several recipes for various kinds, but find the one below the quickest and easiest to knock out when I don’t have a lot of time. I … Continue reading

Funny Ad Award to Yardley Inn

I laughed outloud when I saw the Yardley Inn advertisement in the Packet print edition last Friday, and also found it on their website, so am showing the text below.  So cute, and of course the “clincher” is the last bit about “the Vegans,” because those of us who plan events increasingly have to take special diets … Continue reading

Chinese Buffet

There were fourteen dishes, plus assorted desserts at a recent buffet dinner at my friends the Changs. It felt as if we were celebrating Chinese New Year in August! We started with steamed buns with braised duck and apple slices, out on the patio. Then at the buffet set up inside, we enjoyed mini tofu spring rolls, red cabbage … Continue reading

Sausage en Poori

This was a sleeper success story from a recent potluck luncheon at the office (the same one that led to my previous post mentioning my Asian chicken salad with peaches). The assortment of foods we brought in spanned the globe.  An Indian dish of potato and pea curry was accompanied by delicious home made pooris, a … Continue reading

Crab Gratin

A few weeks ago, before this terrible heat wave started, I paid a crabby visit to McCaffrey’s Market in Princeton.  No, I wasn’t feeling crabby, but had crab meat on my mind. I headed right to the ice case in front of their seafood counter.  There’s always something interesting nestled in those ice chips.  For starters, I bought … Continue reading

Meringue & Marjolaine

The kid in me loves meringue.  This big one, with cocoa in it, is from Whole Foods Market; they often have them in the bakery, and I can see splitting them and topping them with berries for a summer dessert, much like a Pavlova. (Sometimes Rory Philipson at Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell has a Pavlova … Continue reading

Kudos to Olive’s Princeton

Good work Olive’s! Olive’s did some catering at an event I ran this past weekend, and they did a great job. The baked-in-house breakfast items were very good, especially an excellent crumb-topped coffee cake.  At lunch, the sandwich trays held a wonderful variety, including one with delicious eggplant.  The potato salad was a hit, just the way I like it, with plenty of … Continue reading

Canal House Cooking Vol. 3

It doesn’t get much better than this!  The third volume of Canal House Cooking arrived on my doorstep just a few days before the arrival of spring and warm weather.  This latest volume in a series from Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer offers recipes for winter and spring, but judging from the cover, their hearts are in … Continue reading