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Bonefish Grill – Fish Ahoy!

Bonefish Grill – Fish Ahoy!

It was an icy cold night when I made my way to the new Bonefish Grill in Mercer Mall for a social media dinner I was lucky to be invited to. They opened to a splash (sorry!) last Monday, after a Saturday fundraiser for Womanspace that netted a cool $11,000 for the agency. Kudos to … Continue reading



A new book from Canal House Cooking is always cause for celebration. Volume 8 of their series, Pronto!, was recently released, and provides a winter’s worth of easy to execute recipes for you and your family. Or even (like me), just yourself. I swear, if I were having Thanksgiving dinner on my own (I’ve been … Continue reading

Holiday Gallery

Holiday Gallery

It was great to do some cooking over the holidays!  Here’s a photo roundup of some of the things I enjoyed. Note that I did not make the Panforte myself, that was from Bon Appétit, ditto Baked Alaska from Trader Joe’s (too cute to pass up).

Happy Labor Day!

My brother Mark, who loves to cook out, emailed me this photo early today to let me know how he was celebrating the holiday weekend. It’s hard to beat the taste of grilled lobster and corn. In my grilling days I always split the lobster and buttered the inside after sort of flattening it. This one looks like … Continue reading


This turned out to be enough swordfish for three meals, because it was so rich, and cut a good inch or so thick. And that’s a good thing, because good fresh (i.e. never frozen), wild caught fish is an investment purchase these days – I believe this was almost $20. I drizzled some olive oil in … Continue reading

Salmon with Kashmiri Mirch

I originally bought Kashmiri chili powder (aka mirch) so I could make rogan josh.  A good description of that Indian dish is found on the Foodista website.  And just look at the array of photos of this chili on Google Images!  I like it because while it is spicy, it is not too hot. Since I still had some … Continue reading

Shrimp at Wegmans

I paid a visit to Wegmans last weekend (maybe for the last time before they close the Quaker Road bridge!), and one thing on my list was to look for the fresh shrimp they’ve had lately – sad to say I can’t remember who told me to be sure to try these, but thank you!  … Continue reading

Mussel Salad

Better late than never.  I finally leafed through the summer issue of McCaffrey’s Market’s Real Food Magazine. This seasonal handout has not always impressed me, but this issue seemed to take a big leap forward into presenting more interesting food along with good articles by top chefs – okay, probably by their ghostwriters, but still.  (A packager/publisher … Continue reading